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LitED Book CoverIn this book, Revd Dr. Steven Underdown presents the paschal mystery—the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus—as the means by which the Son first realized that utter fullness of life which God had always intended for humankind. He also argues that it is only in and though the paschal mystery that human beings find their fulfillment. Only insofar as someone is open to be given in love is that person open to receive fullness of new life.
The book explores some of the ways by which, under God’s grace, the church can establish patterns of life and worship which will enable growth into the paschal mystery. It focuses in particular on a weekly pattern of life established in various parish and monastic communities in which every week is celebrated as a kind of “Holy Week in miniature.” This pattern—termed the Pattern of the Week—is seen as providing a context for life-giving response to the divine initiative.

An endorsement by Andrew G Walker, emeritus Professor of Theology, King’s College London.

‘What is really impressive about this book is that the author has thrown in firecrackers of originality–an iconographic theology of time, the utilization of the Jewish 7 day week as a template for increasing the intensity and mystery of Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection–without letting this originality swamp the pastoral and educational focus of his narrative. He is able to do this because his originality is tempered by his allegiance to Christian tradition–admittedly in a very sacramentalized way. Perhaps most important of all, he has (with others) translated the Christian year and its mysteries into a weekly set of practices.’

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